Apr 18, 2011

Hajime's favorite game

Hajime loves to play games.
Sometimes I cannot stop wondering if he is too crazy of a game lover?
It's a little troubling.

Last December, his grandmother living in Japan bought an Ipod Touch for him.
(It is the only thing her sick grandson can do.)

The Ipod has a lot of free applications.
Of course it has lots of different games, too.
These games have good points and bad points・・・
It's a complicated problem.

First, the good points・・・
This is what Hajime wants to do before the day comes
when his hands don't work any more.
While he's playing with this game,
he didn't have difficulty breathing,
and even after the G-tube operation
his pains were relieved by the game.
(Rather I think he is too much concentrating on the game
and forgets about everything else.)

And bad points・・・
When he concentrates on games, Hajime loses himself.
He gets back to what he used to be when he was a little kid.
Even his facial expression changes, as a matter of fact, I don't want him to play with it for a long time as much as possible.

But he can do it only while his hands can still move.
So far I've given him permission to play games except at school.

As his mother, I don't want Hajime to do it often, but it can't be helped.
After some months, he will not be able to play with this favorite game of his any more. It makes me feel complicated.

Translated by Yuki Taterin

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