Apr 26, 2011


Today during assembly, at the high school that Hajime goes to, there was some time to share and let everybody know about Hajime.

We had tried several times before to have this sort of thing, but every time the principal had to cancel it and it didn’t happen.

Hajime wanted to speak in front of the whole school using a speaking device. But the principal strongly insisted on just showing the video… Now that I think about it, it must’ve been difficult to display the way Hajime is; specifically, the way he’s not able to speak.

So it was decided that Hajime will not be using his speaking device, and after the video, Hajime will promote the newly founded club alongside the club’s members.

They ran Hajime’s movie.

With the music of Hallelujah

My tears would not stop watching this video.

The friends that came with me all had tears welling up.

It was a really great movie.

I think I can show the video here after editing some time.

When the principal explained about Hajime, there was a response, “What? Hajime?”

I thought, “Hajime is loved by everybody.” After the assembly, I heard that many people came up to say, “Hi, Hajime!” I am truly grateful.

At the end, when Hajime spoke to the principal, the principal was crying. The principal hugged him and told Hajime that Hajime has her support.

I am glad that we had this kind of opportunity at this time. It was a very memorable moment.

Translated by Christine Shirota (American English)

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