Apr 17, 2011

The saliva matter I am seriously worried about...

These days, Hajime has difficulty in breathing due to saliva sticking in his throat.   Even today, he had difficulty in breathing right before he went to the theater.   Although we use the patch to reduce saliva, its effect does not last long and no longer than 2 days, while it was supposed to work 3 days.   Since the patch is somewhat pricy, we wanted to use for 3 days if possible but we cannot as it causes him difficulty of breathing.  Thus, we have to replace every 2 days. 

Since the doctor can make out a prescription for only the 30days worth supply, we will be short by 5 sets if we use at the pace of 1 patch for every other day.   This is really cumbersome but regulated by the insurance policy. 

I am really worried about him having difficulty in breathing again. Since saving his life is our first priority, we will continue to use/ replace the patch as needed and will talk with the doctor when we run out. 

(translated by YM & RM)

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