Apr 19, 2011

Support Team Meeting a church

Today we had a support meeting which is held once a month at church.
From today, the youth group at our church also have joined us and we have a total of 11 members.
It is a big meeting.

First, his classmates shared with us their concerns, and we discussed what Hajime's life is like at school.

Next Monday, at high school morning session, Hajime is supposed to talk about his disease in front of everybody. I've heard that the school principal is saying that it's better not to let him speak. But many members in the support group have an opinion that Hajime, himself should talk in front of 500 people.
And everybody says that is because they are sure ・・・・・・・・・・that Hajime can do it.
It's going to be a speech using tobii. I wish the best of luck for him.

Also, we hav decided to make a T-shirt together.
We showed the sample T-shirt, which we already made
with Mr.Kawaguchi's illustration printed on.
Everybody said, "It's so nice!" "Cool!"
"We can tell Hajime's nice face!!" and it seemed that they liked it a lot.

The quality of the sample T-shirt was not that good, so I am going to make another one again.
But I hope we can make the best T-shirt eventually. I really thank Kawaguchi.
When we wear the T-shirts together, let me send a photo of it.
Thank you so much for such a nice T-shirt.

As for other topic, right now, each member of the church boy-scouts are doing a fund-raiser, but they are not going to do it separately any more, instead they will donate the raised funds together to "Hajime Fund".I really appreciate they work.

Also, I've got an offer to let Hajime appear in the TV show called "Today's show".
We said "Yes" immediately, and have started this project.
We are going to meet with the writers from Rafu Shinpo.
They are going to write about Hajime for their article.
I hope the support for Hajime will spread out to more and more people.
We talked about the van to carry a wheelchair.
When we went to Amilities Expo,
I've learned that a wheelchair is really expensive.

The ordinary wheelchair is 23,000 dollars,
and it costs 30,000 dollars to arrange it.
So at least one needs to pay 50,000 dollars.
Most people cannot afford to get it.
As USA is such a car-society,
I'm really concerned about our future life.
Anyway, I'm going to do my best for the fund-raising.

Just like this, we talked a lot in th meeting.
I got tired from plenty of updating.

Translated by Yuki Taterin

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