Apr 15, 2011

A precious experience

Today, our church member arranged a great thing. It was to visit a
shooting location of a famous TV drama.Well, it was only Hajime, the
person and our minister, though.

It sounded like he had a lot of fun.The sound track CD has a lot of
good piece of musics and I like it a lot. But I have seen only several

Usually, of course no one can see the shooting. So, this was an
exceptional case for Hajime as people knew his sickness. So, we were
told to zip our mouth and never say anyone about it. Oh, it was so
shame that we cannot tell which drama it was!

Considering his condition yesterday, we worried his visit to the
location today. But it was needless fear. When he came back, he was so
happy and smiling. We could see Hajime's such a wonderful smile and
joy, and we saw it last time must be a while ago.

Taking pictures with each actor and actress, setting of stages here
and there... I could see clearly how much he enjoyed, the pictures
told me.

I really appreciate my friend giving Hajime such a great opportunity.
It will become a beautiful lifetime memory of Hajime.

(Translated by Satoko Okamoto)

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