Apr 23, 2011

The Last time "Manpuku"

Let me talk about the day when we went to
a Yakiniku(Japanese style barbeque) restaurant together
before Hajime gets totally unable to eat.

It's a pity that Hajime cannot eat right now.
 It's quite a long time ago that he ate his favorite food, Yakiniku.

He had his last Yakiniku dinner
when he went to a Yakiniku restaurant called "Manpuku" in Costa Mesa,
invited by our friends Akira and Atsuko.

The two friends helped us a lot at that time.
Thank you for everything.
I was really glad that he could eat his favorite food
to his heart's content.

The restaurant "Manpuku" in Costa Mesa
is one of the best restaurants where you can have a happy time.
I was so happy to take Hajime to such a nice restaurant.

Akira and Atsuko, thank you so much.

Translated by Yuki Taterin

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