Apr 17, 2011

How many more days...

We had an Egg hunting picnic, which is one of the church events today.
As Hajime and his brother belong to the youth group of church,
they had to hide the eggs, and their little sister was looking for eggs.
It was a nice day and the sunshine was beautiful.

After the event,
Hajime and his little brother saw a musical
at school across from the church.
They enjoyed the fantastic show to their heart's content.

After picking them up,
I, Hajime and his little brother,
three of us together, went to Starbucks.
(Last time, Hajime couldn't joi us.)

When he is with his family,
he doesn't have to care about others
and he can relax.
On this day too, he told us how he feels honestly,
and we had a good time together.

And he said;

"Mom, my right hand can't work.
it's no good..."
...He said so.
When he goes to the hospital and the doctor asks him,
he always answer, "It's okay."
But he himself knows best about the condition of his own right hand.
Actually, his right hands are shaking terribly, day by day.

Even when he puts his hand on something,
the shake doesn't stop.
How many more days can he use his right hand.............?
It hurts a lot to think that way.

When I ask him,
"what do you want to do while you can use your right hand?"
he answered, "I want to draw a picture."
Hajime has such a creative talent,
so I'm looking forward to seeing his painting.
It will be one of the best memories of him.

When he finishes the painting, I will update it

But..."How many more days?"
...when I ask myself this question again and again....
it hurts me a lot.

Translated by Yuki Taterin

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