Apr 4, 2011

Through Experience

Ever since last week, Hajime has started to have fears toward eating. He didn’t go to youth program at church on Sunday.

Up until now, he couldn’t hold back his appetite, but now, ever since he choked on his food at youth group, he’s so scared that he barely eats.

Even at church fellowship, he started to have breathing complications due to large amounts of saliva and we left church earlier than usual. Afterwards he couldn’t go to youth group either because he couldn’t get over his fear.

Just like this, there are things you can’t learn unless it’s been experienced. Normally, sickness isn’t something that’s favorably learned, but through experiencing a frightful moment, there comes a realization to… watch out!

Otherwise, the desire to eat can’t be held back. I felt that the day has come where I am able to think that “In some sort of way, this is good.” I really feel sorry for him, but…..

Translated by Christine Shirota

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