Apr 13, 2011

A visit of Home care nurse

Today, Home care nurse we had requested after Hajime's operation
visited our home.

The nurse came a little before appointed time, 4 PM, and explained
every detail. So, we could learn a lot from her.

Hajime has a lot of saliva and has problems because of this. But we
heard there was a suction machine to suck the saliva out. We will ask
to a doctor about it next time. We have to be careful about saliva
because it may cause pneumonia if it goes into his lung. We also have
to be careful when he sleeps because Hajime lays down on his back.

And the tube to his stomach will have to be exchanged around after 4
to 6months. It sounded so painful, though the nurse said it would not
have any pain... Hajime's attending doctor said it would be fine for 1
year, though...

Foods for the tube are nutritions such as "Ensure" and vegetable and
chickens turned into puree. Those purees are put into the tube through
syringe to his stomach. Especially the nurse instructed us that turkey
would be good because it has a lot of protein.

Also, the nurse taught us to give Hajime some water between lunch and
dinner, and flush the tube after putting nutritions and puree.
Surprisingly, she suggested us to put some soda to the tube if it was
difficult to flush. But... it sounds very strange to put some soda to
the tube if it is in Japan, doesn't it? Well, that is very American!

The nurse brought 4 extra syringes, and it was a great help! We had
only 3, and we needed it a lot because Hajime has to bring it to his
school. We also did not know where to buy! Maybe at a pharmacy?

The nurse will come another twice, so I would be able to ask things I
do not know at that time.

Ah, Home care nurse was very great!

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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