Apr 24, 2011

Interviewed by Rafu Shimpo

Today we met and talked about various matters with a writer, Ms. Nakamura from Rafu Shimpo.

Ms.Nakamura listened intently to us and even though it took a long time, she had set her time aside for us and we were very grateful.

We told her about before Hajime’s disease, during the onset, and where we are currently, in those order. Talking about it gave me nostalgic feelings and at the same time felt vexed about all the things that he was able to do.

That reconfirmed the fact that, as a family, we are helped by Hajime, and have been given courage and energy from Hajime…

I thought, really, it wouldn’t be surprising if he gets upset and depressed and throws all the anger at us, his family. But he hasn’t done anything even close to that and he always comes to us in smiles.

Even though he’s the one with the disease and having a tough time…

We as a family should have a more positive outlook and treasure the happiness in the future… is what I’m thinking.

Thank you, Ms. Nakamura, for today.

Translated by Christine Shirota (American English)

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