Apr 14, 2011

Examination with the speech therapist

Today, we had an appointment with a speech therapist. The examination
was with tobii, but Hajime was somewhat not feeling cheerful and did
not want to use it.

In this few months, whenever he went to the hospital for his disease
progressed, always he had bad temper. It looked not like him because
Hajime always communicate with people with his great smiles. But to
doctors, very different. It must be very painful for him as Hajime has
to face to his disease directly.

Especially today, he was exhausted and yawning again and again. He was
really like a little kid.

Also, I asked him if he feels labored, because he could not control
drool. He replied "A bit." The patch behind his ears have been
effective too much and made his throat dry. He said it was difficult.
This patch is effective for 3 days, and today was the first day. So it
must be too strong. Well, good and bad...

After that, a physical therapist came to examine his right arm muscle.
And it was said that his right arm muscle weakness is more visible.
His tips and shoulders seemed still strong, but arm muscle was lost
certain amount. Whenever we hear such a thing, we want to shut our
ears. More than us, Hajime must feel the pain... We really feel sad.

Hajime's hands pushing the touch panel of tobii is shaken a lot, we
may need eye system earlier than we expected.

(Translated by Satoko Okamoto)

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