Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year! It is a beginning 2012.

My husband sister Akiyo visited us at the end of the year, Dec 27th.

Akiyo came here to help at July while I was back Japan. Hajime was still at Kaiser hospital so it was a while ago. At that time, Hajime can still walk and able to use his right hand. During past six-month, many things have changed.
This time, we had a chance to spend more time with her.
Hajime was also looking forward to see her so he was so sad when she need to leave. He was trying not to cry.

Dec 30th was my birthday. At the morning, I had a message from Hajime.

He seems to preparing this letter a day before. It was really a lovely message.
My family baked a birthday cake for me and did a lot of things for me. For me, even just stay together with Hajime was blessing but I had more that that and surrounded with love from my family.

I also got a lot of warm message through Facebook. Thank you everyone!

Every year, even last year, at the New Year’s Eve, Hajime stay overnight with this friend’s family to keep a spot for the Rose parade but this year he have to stay at home. We never imagine that it will change this much within a year.
Hajime wanted to go this year as well but considering his current condition, we gave up to let him go. He wanted to see B2 so at least I want to let him watch through TV.

This blog start at 2010 and already entering to the new year, 2012. This year, I’m hoping to see the God miracle,,,
Thank you for your continued help, everyone!
Thanks in advance for this year.

(Translated by HM)

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