Jan 27, 2012

K9 visit

We are having a new home caregiver since yesterday.
She seems to be very nice and calm. Hope she can learn Hajime’s care fast.

Today, we had a wonderful present for Hajime.

Lauren and one of a policeman brought directory Hajime’s birthday present to our home. It was a present from many people work for South Pasadena.
Also police dog Rex comes with them! He was big and very smart. Of course Hajime was excited but my nephew was as well.

It was such a coincidence that Hajime and I was just talking about having a dog. Hajime wanted to have a dog lately so it was so nice visit.
Sometime animal can heal a patient so I’m so looking forward to have a dog.

Before this visit, cable guy come and setup a cable TV in Hajime’s room. This was one of a present from them. Hajime was very happy about this.
It is very sad that only thing he can do right now is watch TV... well at least with this cable TV Hajime can watch more program. Hajime is now watching his favorite program “Sons of Guns”,,, oh, no.

I think he got a lift from lots of unexpected gifts.

Translated by HM

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