Jan 7, 2012


Lately, Hajime is having constipations. Because his muscle weakening on his belly, he just can’t let go. He looks so uncomfortable.
Thursday was a day nurse comes so she helped in this matter.

Also at this Thursday, a new social worker from the team visited us. She might help us on the emotional/mental part. She worried about our children so she will make some time to see our kids next week.

Today, we had a nice present for Hajime. Brian who also came at Christmas come with his sister Emily and played “Canon” for Hajime. Canon is one of Hajime’s favorite music.

It was so nice. Hajime seem to relax and enjoyed their sounds.
His birthday is almost there.
I think it was such a nice birthday present for him.

Thank you, Alice, Brian and Emily!

Translated by HM

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