Jan 31, 2012

Benefit concert today

Yesterday, we had a benefit concert for Hajime at our church.

On that day morning, Hajime was just doing fine. He was using a triangle pillow from Rhea and enjoys watching Youtube.
Concert was from 3:30pm so we start to prepare around 2pm to take Hajime to the church.
However Hajime didn’t wanted to go and told us with tears in his eyes that “I don’t want to meet to anyone,,,”
Well,,, for us, we just can’t leave him at home since we knows that so many people work very hard to make this concert happen.
Poor Hajime but we wanted to let Hajime experience this great music. At the end, I’m glad we could take him to the concert.

We don’t have a van fits a wheelchair so we borrowed from our friend. With that van we head to the church.
At the church, so many people were waiting Hajime at the outside.
During the concert, Hajime was enjoying music with tapping out the rhythm.
I was so relief and happy seeing that.
I’ve uploaded some great plays to share with.

First of all, I would like to thanks Rob to gather musicians and conduct this concert.
Also I would like to thanks Marilynne for communicating with ALSGA.
This only happen with all of the people helps. Thank you so much everyone!

Translated by HM

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