Jan 13, 2012

Something to look forward

Hajime is have so hard time with his constipations. It is not a regular constipation and it is related with a muscle weakness on his belly. Last night and this morning, he was struggling for a several hours for this.

It seems that this issue will be more frequent and difficult down the line. It is just not easy even with mediations and suppositories.

Last night, I notice that his thigh sizes are getting uneven. I was aware that his left calf muscle was getting less but it shocked me that his thigh gets so thin as well.

I’m so feared seeing significant progression of the disease.

Next few months while he can use his leg, I’m hoping we can let Hajime do his own things meaningful and enjoyable.

Although, I don’t know what it is.

What I can think is only TV. Right now, he doesn’t have cable TV and only regular TV so might be good to have cable TV for him.

Does anyone have a brilliant idea anything that people can enjoy without using hand and legs?

Translated by HM

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  1. I asked another PAL if she used her eye gaze system to read books and this was her reply, "Yes, I use kindle for pc. You can download from amazon free under kindle. It's fantastic!" I don't know if he likes to read books, but he can with this system. I think she uses a Tobii system.

    I am also an outdoors person, and I feel close to God while I am outside. I know it is a lot to get him outside, but I think he would enjoy it:)

    I love watching the birds; they bring me so much joy. My dad put bird seeds on the edge of the window, so my mom could watch the birds; or maybe a bird feeder by the window!

    Tell Hajime I said "hi" and to keep smiling!!