Dec 28, 2011

Good news

The great news just reached to me. Without loosing a hope and believe in God, miracle will happen.
I’ve let Hajime know right away this news. Hajime was listening with tears.

Hope for the best for the hard work of the research teams.

Kyushu University and Keio University research team on Dec 27, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis incurable diseases (ALS) in mice were elucidated announced the development of mechanisms.
Muscle atrophy caused by degrading of enzymes in the spinal cord nerves and increases and accumulates of the amino acid D-Serine. "If we can find a way to increase the activity of enzymes, development of new medicine can be expected". Research was published on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of U.S. (electronic version).
ALS is a disorder subject to neurons motor muscle in the spinal cord, the disease progressively loose the strength in the muscles of the whole body. There are about 8,500 patients nationwide in Japan. Detailed cause is unknown, no curative treatments were found.
The research team used the mice that received the genetic experiments that impaired motor nerves of the spinal cord just like ALS. Examined the amount of amino acids in the spinal cord, and found that the D-serine increased three time than healthy mice had accumulated. In addition, "DAO" that suppress the D-serine, also decrease to half.

(Translated by HM)

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