Jan 11, 2012

The number of his smile

I’m wondering how Hajime is feeling after his birthday. I’m hoping he is happy.

Maybe because of many visitors, I felt he is sleeping longer than usual day. I think make Hajime happy the most is to have many visitors surrounding him.

Why do I think so? Because, recently Hajime can’t make even a smile due to his facial muscle weakness but yesterday I could see he was doing his best to make a smile. I was so grateful to see his effort.

I know it is a hard work for him to make a smile at this point but for me, I feel so much relief when I see his smile.

Hajime was trying to make smile over and over. And there were many friends smile as well. How nice it was.

Along loosing his muscle strength, he still gives us a smile. I felt I could see how happy he is from the number of his smile.

Thank you so much for cerebrating Hajime’s birthday.

Translated by HM

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