Jan 15, 2012

Control by just his right foot

His constipation was better yesterday. Probably increasing the medication call SENNA from one to two tablets is helping.
Nurse was suggesting that we should give suppository every other day no matter what but I’m a bit worry that will get too loose.

Hajime got a huge balloon for birthday.
The day he got this, it looks like,,,

and still it is huge!

My friend Rhea brought this balloon. Every time I see this balloon, I feel her warm thoughts. Thank you, Rhea!
Hajime also like this balloon a lot.
I’ve tie down this balloon to his bed and Hajime is playing with his foot.
He even uses this balloon to call us.
When he play with this balloon, his face is so cute.

Hajime’s left leg getting really weak and barely able to use.
He is now only using his right foot to play the game.

I know he wanted to play more,,,
I know he wanted to communicate with people more,,,
I’m so sad thinking about how long he can able to his right foot.

I’m praying that he can use longer!

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