Jan 14, 2012

High blood pressure

Hajime was having again a very hard time with his constipations.
Yesterday afternoon nurse comes to check up Hajime. She was suggesting using enema.
We tried to explain him how important it is but Hajime was refusing with tears.
He really couldn’t accept that. He was stomping his foot to the bed and expressing an anger.

I told him, “you are doing great”, “I’m so proud of you” but I know it will not make him feel good.
How much I felt if I could trade to his position.
At the end after more evaluation, nurse told us that he don’t need enema at this point and just a suppository will be fine. Nurse was suggesting to use suppository every other day with a regular bases.
Because of this problem or not, he was having a high blood pressures for a while. This morning, he had 132/98.
After this BM thing resolved and still have a high blood pressures then he now need to take a medication for that as well.
Well, blood pressure will makes me worry.

Also, recently he has a lot of eye mucus and sometime he even cannot open his eye. I’m giving some eye drops and seem better now.
I notice that something was wrong with his blinking and asked him.
“Are you having hard time blinking? You can’t open widely and close?”
then Hajime told me Yes.
I thought ALS will not weakening his blink ability but nurse told us we have to wait for a while to know how things go with antibiotics eye drops.
I’m so worried if on some day he cannot even open his eyes on top of current situation.

I’m hoping Hajime’s condition get more stable and able to spend daily life more calmly.

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