Jan 12, 2012

Nice ideas!

Hajime’s leg muscle is getting weaker even more. Lately, it is getting harder for him to use his iPad.

He used to use his toe pretty good to touch the iPad screen but now it is getting very difficult to lift his leg and stabilize. Now he only goes on to Facebook through Xbox but much less time than he used to. (Xbox controller is easier for him to control better than the touch screen because he does not have to lift his legs.)

Since he hasn’t used Facebook for a while, he just saw his birthday message on Facebook today. I helped him to go through the messages because it was difficult for him to do by himself.
I was so pleased to see that there were so many messages. Thank you so much everyone!

As I mentioned, he is having hard time to use tobii (communication device works under Windows tablet) but today we got a super controller ---which is “Xbox controller for Windows”.

We manipulate the button layout and adjust the setting so that Hajime can use this to control tobii.
It was my husband idea. Hajime already start to use it and talk to me through tobii again.

We gave a wireless speaker for his birthday present.

There are a ventilator and an oxygen concentrator right next to Hajime’s bed which making a huge noise. Because of that, Hajime cannot well hear the sound from the TV so we have to raise the volume but if there is a loud sound scene, it gets too big noise so adjusting the sound was our issue.
But again with Hajime’s dad idea, we got a wireless speaker that able to place right next to his bed. This will able to let Hajime hear the sound from TV always. He seems to start seeing the movies again.
Since he cannot move his body anymore, TV is very important factor on his life now. I’m hoping that this will at least increase a little more enjoyment on his life

It was a nice idea! Thank you Dad.

Translated by HM

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