Jan 3, 2012

Can’t lift his leg

Today, I encounter with a shocking reality.
Hajime was trying to lift his left leg with his right leg. But actually he even couldn’t able to do it.

I asked him right away, “Do you want to lift your leg?”
And Hajime replied yes.
I helped him to draw up his knee.
Hajime responded me with his smile.
After that, he started to play a game with his legs as usual.

It makes me cry.
I was so shocked.
I was so sad to realize that the time is getting close he loose his ability to use his left leg.

It might not be so long that he will no longer play game.
He was so good at playing games with his toes.

It is so hart breaking to facing to the reality.

Translated by HM


  1. You can research the game systems where he can play games using his head to control the movements of the game.

  2. Hi Judy! Sorry I couldn't reply... Thank you for your advice. I'll research for game. I'm worry about his future.