Jan 28, 2012

Request again

Today, new homecare nurse come to our house at this afternoon.

She has a slightly different approach of a way of care than previous caregiver. She work hard but seems that it might be too much for Hajime and bothering him a bit asking question so many time. During a bed bath time, Hajime was a bit uncomfortable because of this.
Those things should become more natural after continuing a care so I'm hoping that Hajime can bear this for a while.

Hajime’s secretion is getting back lately. His oral secretion is suppressed after Botox and we only need to suction about once in an hour for now but I’m worrying his secretion’s color and odor. I’m suspecting that increase of secretions is because Hajime is off period of Tobii Neb (antibiotics).

Other than that he is doing pretty well. He uses suppository when he cannot go and that will work within 20 minutes.
Past few days, maybe SENNA is working and he even doesn’t need to use suppository.
I’m hoping he doesn’t ever have to use any medications that make him uncomfortable.

This is a same request again I’ve posted few days ago. Hajime’s leg muscle is getting weak and difficult to draw his knees up.
I’m looking for a triangle shape pillow. Does someone can help us?

Following are just example images.

Translated by HM

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