Jan 5, 2012

Having energy from,,,

Hajime is sleeping during the daytime more often since the New Year day.
He plays games much less than before due to his leg muscle weakness.
He doesn’t have many things to do so he is pretty much looking forward to have visitors.

I think Hajime had a really good support from our church and people come to see him often and encouraged him till Hajime admitted to the hospital.
Since that day, it was long way to come back home. Hospital stay turned out to be very long and also location was very far from our city,,, because or not he stay in the hospital bed all the time sadly he become bedridden. After finally he came back home, very few people come to visit him since then.
I regret seeing such Hajime. He is feeling alone.
There are so may people in church help our family meal very hard. But there are so few people come to see Hajime who actually Hajime really wants to see.

Hajime was very grateful to the people whom helped him. And also having energy from them.
I’m wishing that people could continue to give him energy.

Translated by HM

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