Jan 24, 2012

I’m so sad

Yesterday, I went to church with Ryo. We haven’t able to go church since Hajime admitted to hospital but recently I’m trying to return church again.
It was a bit upsetting that some people even did not remember about Hajime is sick. That remind us how long we have not been at church.

While staying at church, it brings back many memories of Hajime.
How Hajime was smiling,,,
How proudly he was doing crucifer,,,
How nice face showing us when he was singing,,,
There are too many memories about him here and I could not stop my tears.
It was so heartbreaking,,,
I felt I couldn’t come back here for next week.

For a past few days, Hajime’s leg weakness is accelerating.
It is almost impossible to use his Xbox controller. It was too soon not able to use anymore. Hajime is so sad about it.
He cannot play anymore his favorite game. He only uses Xbox for watching Youtube or Facebook. Playing game is so difficult now.

But, I’m thinking that he can not use controller mostly because he can not draw his knees up so if I could stuff something underneath his knees,,, he might still play a game…

I’m thinking something like this may work. Can anyone make for us?
If anyone read this blog and think you can make this kind of things, please let me know.

In no time, his legs are getting thinner and thinner and my tears never stop.
Hurray,,, me! Hurray,,, Hajime!

Translated by HM

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