Jan 10, 2012

19th Birthday

Hajime already become 19. When Hajime come down with this disease, he was still 17. Soon after doctor gives us a diagnosis he became 18. It’s also already been 6 month since the day he has admitted to the ICU.

Because of so many things happen in a really short period, I just can’t believe he is already 19. Of course, I’m so happy. How thankful that we could cerebrate his birthday all together.

During his yesterday’s birthday, so many people stop by to say happy birthday to Hajime. The day before, he was a little weakening in spirit so I was so worried. I even was not quite sure how to cerebrate him but it turned out to be a needless concern.

At the morning, Mark came. Around noon, Danny, Alex and Kevyn came and at the afternoon Tommy also came.
Many of my friends visited us at the afternoon too.
Ikue, Atsuko, Akia, Reah, Mie, Dan, Masayuki, Yukiko, and their kids came to our house. They sang a happy birthday song together.

With all of their cheers, Hajime was making a smile! I am so happy to see that. I was so touched for everyone’s thoughtful heart. Thank you again.

At that night, Hajime spend some effort to write us a message through the tobii. He wrote such a wonderful note to us.

“Thank you Mom and dad for the wonderful and best birthday”

God, thank you so much for me to have such a blessing child.
I hope this happiness continue forever.

Translated by HM

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