Jan 16, 2012

Even with his right leg

Today, I had something frightening.

This morning, Hajime’s right leg was hanging outside the bed. Hajime could not pull back his leg by himself. I’m sure he was having a scary moment.

Usually, we don’t put a bed guard because he don’t move but something like this happen; we need to consider having those.

Recently, Hajime call us through the calling system when he wants to move his left leg. Today he call me so I move his left leg but this time he asked for right leg as well.

I felt like "the time come…"

His leg movement was most important thing for Hajime at this point. I was so sad to encounter to the reality.

Hajime told me that it is getting harder to play game now… I don’t know what to say him… I completely lose words.

He gives his foot instead of his hand to touch my palm softly to feel and gives me his love. Someday, we even cannot do this anymore. So sad,,,

It is so heartbreaking.

Translated by HM

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