Feb 2, 2012

Next plan

Triangle pillow is so powerful. Hajime restart to play a game, which once he has giving up.
Probably because of that, Hajime is doing well past few days.

I some time gave a juice through his G-tube. This will give joy to Hajime but not much of taste.
Few days ago, he said he want to taste it so I gave a little amount of juice to his mouth with an oral swab.
Before that, he never tries to taste it no matter what. Probably he had a fear choking but finally that day, he tried it!
I was so happy and asked Hajime “Taste good?” and he replied with a smile.

Next thing I am planning for him is to have a planetarium in his room. Project stars to the ceiling.
It is so boring just watching a white ceiling all the time so I asked Hajime about my idea and he seems to be on about it too.

It will be wonderful to have such a night sky in his room.
I’m researching which potable planetarium to have…

Translated by HM

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