Jul 15, 2011

Younger Sister Arrived from Japan

My husband has been troubled from hospital problems these past few days but on the 15th,
my husband sister arrived from Japan to help.
I think he won’t be as stressed and should feel a little better because of her.
Sister, who has taken days off of work to come here to do something for Hajime,
for us will be staying in Los Angeles till the 18th.
Today, they went to Tustin to take a look at the other facility.
They were surprised that the facility was very nice.
Moreover, they will do the physical therapy regardless of the parent being there or not.
The only concern is that it is too far.
Now after going through these troubles, the Kaiser that he is currently staying at said that if he could leave the hospital by 8/1,
he could stay till then.
This is what we’ve been wanting so I thought that it would be good if that’s how it happens.
But it might be hard with our moving schedule.
Either way, I am hoping that it will all turn for the better.
The long day is over.
I hope tomorrow is a good day again!
Translated by Christine Shirota

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