Jul 10, 2011

Thank you all the time!

Hajime could sleep very well last night. This morning he looked so good.

He puts a lot of intravenous drips because he still takes antibiotics.
But thanks to them, his high rated white cell was getting down to

Secretion colour has been changing to clear, and became no smell, so
it must be alright. He has to be very careful for not being infected
to anything, especially because his trancheotomy treatment makes him
easy to get it. If he gets pneumonia, it will be very risky...

Today again, his day was to put the ice bag on his forehead.

But we pleasantly had our guest, Joan and Alice we love!

Both of them love us as if we are their own family. Joan spread news
about Hajime all around South Pasadena to ask for help. Thanks to
Joan's action, many people signed up that they would like to help us.
I want to list their name here, but it is too many to do so, so I skip
it, but Thank You everyone.

And it was also Joan introduce us the very good apartment when we
looked for the first floor flat. Yesterday, we finally made the
contract for the new apartment.

They care Ryo and Yuki a lot, too. It must save their feelings a lot,
I think. Thank you Joan! Really all of us are cared a lot.

When they come, Hajime naturally becomes smily. They encourage and
cheer Hajime.

Thank you both of you for coming over!

In the afternoon, Hajime was doing good for the physical therapy.

Today, it seemed he had a lot of pain on his left shoulder. Hajime
appealed to me that he wanted to walk. So, I let him stand up to walk.
But because his joints were already having wide gap, so it made him
have sharp pain. So, he walked only a few steps.

Now Hajime is fighting against the pain on his shoulder. Pain attacks
him even when he lays down, and because it hangs 

on, again painful
when he is standing. It is really pity.

Aren't there any good slings?

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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