Jul 14, 2011

Hospital Transfer

Sorry for not being able to update the blog, everyone!

I was very busy from the day I arrived, and not really good internet
connection... so, could not do it.

Well then, Hajime after me left the States... Not in his condition,
but for the hospital, there were troubles/

Soon after I left for Japan, we had our house inspection.

We cannot let him come back to the house we are now in, because we are
moving to another place, from the first place. Yet, the inspection for
the new house cannot be done until all the furnitures are moved to the

The most of it, the hospital announced us to let Hajime to transfer to
other hospital because Hajime is already good enough for discharge.
But because the house environment is not enough for him to come back,
he has to stay in a hospital which he can stay till all are settled.

But the facility is very far away. This is the most problematic thing for us.

Papa is troubled while I am away...

Today, there will be a family meeting. What result we will have, is
the matter of now...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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