Jul 6, 2011

I want to see your smiles...

It is Tanabata - the Star Festival in Japan, today. If we had chance,
I wanted to put my wish on the strip paper. "Please make his disease
to be cured!"

I really pray for him being able to discharge as soon as possible.

Again today, we spent the time with whole family. Hajime's younger
brother, Ryo and younger sister Yuki seem so relaxed when they can see
their big brother's face.

The broad smile spread on Hajime's face is so impressive when Ryo and
Yuki come into Hajime's room. Ryo looks forward to seeing it. There
are no need of words, really. I feel the very deep love between the
siblings when I see how much their heart is related. The love between
them is so beautiful. Just watching them makes me happy.

I am really thankful to God giving those children to me.

Hajime was doing great again at the physical therapy today. I really
think he is doing great when I see him everyday. Gradually he put his
feet forward by himself. But sometimes his eyes are filled with tears
because he is frustrated to his muscles could not be strong enough...

But, cheers of his younger brother had him go forward today again...
There are nothing more than supports and cheers from family.

Hajime, let's make it together!

(Comments of the translator: On July 7th, in Japan, traditional Star
Festival is held. This is the ancient love story based, the couples
live in the each side of banks cannot see each other when it rains.
People wish the day to be cleared, and also give their own wish to the
strips of papers and put them to the bamboos,)

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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