Jul 19, 2011

Thank you Aki chan!

I am sorry for not being update frequently. I went out sometimes or my
internet was not really good...

It is so shame but my hudsband's younger sister has already been back
to Japan. Hajime missed her so much after she left his room, and cried
for sadness. We really appreciate and thank her for doing everything
for Hajime.

I am so happy seeing such relaxed face of Hajime.

For Papa facing a trouble for Hajime's hospital transfer, smiles of
Hajime are good source for energy. Hang on, Papa!

Finally, Hajime will stay at Kaiser where he is right now. But
pressure from the hospital to push him out is significant. I hope
things will go better, though.

Hajime's infection does not go better soon, so will have examination
of the specialist. His white cells rate in the blood is higher than
usual from when he was hospitalized. Antibiotics works when he takes,
while plus is higher, or secretion smelled or not a good conditioned
colour... So, the matter of infections are very difficult to clear.

We are in a such a situation. But why does the hospital side give us
difficulties? I pray for us to get back to the peaceful state until we
get back to the States.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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