Jul 22, 2011

I Will Be Returning in a Few Days

The trip to Japan that seemed long, but actually short is over tomorrow.
At midnight Japan time, on the 26th we will return to the US.

Ever since I left the US there were many troubles.

My sister in law is coming and we suddenly have this transfer issue!
And the hospital starts saying...that they can’t discharge him while we’re in the process of moving.
But we can’t stay in the hospital that we are at…so what are we supposed to do?

…And this absurd problem would keep coming up and disappear, over and over…
Right now, we are still faced with this problem.
As early as the beginning of next week, there’s going to be a transfer and we will probably change hospitals.

So for the two weeks that I was gone, because Hajime comforted and tried to help relax his father that couldn’t rest because of this problem, I was able to spend a few days in Japan.

I am so sorry.

Hajime had gallium injected and had a test where they scan his entire body.
We don’t have the results yet, but it seems like he is fine.
(This is a test that will find any infections in the body.)

It seems like he will have the same test tomorrow.

………………………………………But it’s awful for them to tell us to transfer without telling us the test results. There are so many things that I just can’t agree with.

And today they had to try 6 times (4 people) to change the IV.
Hajime was crying and I felt really sorry for him.

6 times is a bit too much isn’t it? It’s terrible.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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