Jul 7, 2011

Feelings (Mental State) are Important

Well it seems like Hajime will be discharged soon.
The long hospitalization is finally almost over.
Hajime wants to go home so I’m really glad.

But I am going back to Japan temporarily for 2 weeks from next Tuesday.
I’m going to renew my driver’s license before it passes the maximum renewal period of 3 years, but I got the ticket thinking that by the time I go to Japan he’ll be back home, so I am troubled that this hospitalization dragged for so long.

Thus, I can’t be with Hajime at the time of discharge.
I am so worried about that.
And it tugs at my heart that Hajime is the one who feels the most disappointed.
This is truly my fault.
I’m sorry, Hajime.

So now we only have training left for tomorrow and Monday. I am going to give it my all to not waste these two days.

I had training today too, but it took 2 hours and we didn’t have enough time left to do PT or to take off the ventilator. He’s getting used to taking the ventilator off and he is able to leave it off for an hour and a half. It is great progress.

With everything, I can say this, it’s that it’s all up to how Hajime’s feeling. If Hajime feels like he can, he can do it. That’s why I want to keep on encouraging Hajime from now on too.

Hajime is encouraged because of everybody’s warm messages and support.
Thank you so much for always supporting us.

Hajime was calm again today.
He’s enjoying watching a movie right now. With an iPod in his right hand…

I hope tomorrow will be a good day for Hajime again!

Translated by Christine Shirota

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