Jul 3, 2011

Infection Again

Opposite from yesterday, Hajime’s condition was bad today.

They haven’t specified it yet, but it seems like he is infected with something and he has a fever.
At night his fever went up to 101 degrees.

On top of that, his heart rate has been high from last night at about 130bpm.

During the doctor’s examination, we were told that because his pulse continues to be high,
the physical therapy will have to wait until it goes under 105. So unfortunately we couldn’t do it today.

But today he was trying to roll over himself and his body was naturally getting up.
It is the result of yesterday’s effort. It made me think about how important daily physical therapy is.

As I see Hajime in a bad condition like this, I get depressed.

I had Hajime’s voice saved in my cell phone voicemail and out of the blue, I listened to his voice.
His voice that I haven’t heard in awhile gave me that loving feeling.
The voice sounded so different that it made me think, “Did his voice sound like this?”

When I remember about how Hajime was when he was healthy, my tears start falling.
If this was really just a dream…..

This is bad, I can’t stop crying.

And tonight is my turn to stay over.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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