Jul 27, 2011

The turbulent day

After coming back to the States from Japan, directly went to the
hospital and stayed for the night because Hajime asked me to. But I
was exhausted yesterday.

There were too many things yesterday. The biggest news was that Hajime
was finally pushed away from the hospital. Hajime was so anxious and
opposed to the forced discharge. But it did not change the decision of
the hospital, and he was transferred to the hospital we are now.

The reason was that medically speaking  Hajime was not needed to be
hospitalized any more. So he was transferred to a hospital which had a
facility for recovery, too. He was referred at 6PM by an ambulance.

This hospital is for children. It is located at Orange County, Tustin.
It is very far from our home, at least taking 1hour. But here is the
only hospital allows parents' stay and has individual room. So, we
reluctantly decided to this hospital. At least 4 weeks Hajime has to
stay in this hospital.

So, we spent today in this new hospital.

Hajime was crying many times because he could not get used to the new
environment - facility, the way of caring, and everything... I feel
former hospital's attitude was problematic. Although medically
Hajime's cleared, their system made him hurt this much. This was too
much, I feel.

Today, Hajime took shower. Although he was laying on the bed, taking
shower after 2 months made him shaken a lot in emotion. I wonder if it
was good for him...

Putting his feeling first, we will support him from tomorrow, too.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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