Jul 9, 2011

Staying over at the hospital

The heart rate has been over 140 since last night and the doctor’s been coming at night,
there was a blood test, x-ray, examining the heart…so many things.
Last night was my husband’s turn and it seems like he couldn’t sleep because of what went on.
So he seemed really sleepy during the day.
We had to go home in the morning so we left the hospital room after asking the nurse to take care of him.
He had antibiotics through an IV and his heart rate was dropping back down.
In the noon time we went to contract our new apartment.
We are finally moving. This is going to be tough too!
But we have good support from our friends and it seems like they are going to help us so I am not as worried.
In the afternoon, we had physical therapy after missing it for two days.
Hajime gave his effort again today.
He sat without support on his back, by himself.
He’s quickly getting the hang of it.
After that he got off the bed and stood, walked a few steps and sat on the chair.
He sat for one hour and ten minutes.
I think it’s important to continue this daily.
Go, Hajime!
Tonight is my turn to stay over, but it might be the last time I’m spending the night here in this hospital.
 A long stay at the hospital. The life of taking turns sleeping over at the hospital is over.
It is a weird feeling. It’s not happiness because I can’t be with him at his discharge…
But I am filled with thankfulness to the hospital staff.
To the staff at the hospital,
we were so well taken care of, please take care of Hajime until discharge.
Translated by Christine Shirota

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