Jul 8, 2011

Busy days

From last night, Hajime could not sleep well, so he could not be fully
well in the morning. Also he felt heat of his body. So he put an ice
bag on his forehead with getting sweat a lot on his face (however, the
room temperature was even cold). He did not have fever though... In
this one month time, his body gets heated so much when his physical
condition is not well. So we can see if he is well by his body
temperature. I hope he is not infected to anything.

This morning, a special nurse of ventilator came to get his ventilator
out. But Hajime got panicked because of fear, so he had to put it
again soon. He is very sensitive to the breathing matter and also
feeling very afraid of it.

It is up to his feeling, as I wrote yesterday.

......So, we tried again in the night, and he made it! Around 1hour
and half, he could spend time only with oxygen. Good job!!

About us, we went to see our new apartment. It was very good one, but
smaller and more expensive than we thought. Yet, we were told this
apartment is good deal around South Pasadena city which we live. We
will go to have the contract for the apartment. Well, are we fine
though we feel like this?

So, like this and that, we had very busy day. From the night before I
stayed at the hospital, and came back home by train, went to see the
apartment and came back to the hospital with all members of our
family. And as soon as we got back to the hospital, we had CPR
training. Oh dear, it was really busy day!  Before off to Japan, only
Monday is the weekdays. So, only Monday I can have the training. It
will be busy day the day I depart...

I have to prepare for going to Japan as soon as possible...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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