Jul 25, 2011

Back With Hajime

I’m home!
I’ve come back to where Hajime is.
On the 25th, at 6p.m. I arrived in Los Angeles and I went directly to the hospital
On Monday, at noon the doctor gave the discharge order,
so Hajime had to be transferred on the day of our arrival,
but the nurse was moved by Hajime’s tears and asked the doctor for him.
So, the transfer that was supposed to happen that day had been canceled.
Because of that, my husband was able to pick us up.
As soon as Hajime saw us he started to cry.
He said “Mama, Mama~” without a voice and just with his mouth over and over.
I’m guessing that the two weeks without us were lonely and tough.
With the transfer problem at the hospital and being considerate towards his father,
Hajime tried the best that he could with his own ability.
So, I decided to stay overnight at the hospital, and besides Hajime requested!
After a ten hour flight, honestly it was not easy being with him at the hospital,
regardless I think it was good that I was able to see a good expression on Hajime.
 We appealed the discharge, because it was also Hajime’s will to do so.
(The hospital admitted the hospitalization till August, but they suddenly ordered the discharge,
it was an order that completely disregarded Hajime’s feelings.)
I think we will be starting that process today.
I don’t think anything will change from doing this, but I’m still going to try and do all that I can.
And now our moving, well it doesn’t seem like the remodeling will be done by August 1st.
We need 3 hole ground electrical outlets but they are all 2 holes and since the apartment is old,
the work is going to be complicated.
There are many obstacles but the owner is very nice and cooperative so the owner is doing the best to help us.
Just like that our place isn’t even ready to be ready so Hajime can’t settle even if he wants to be.
I hope this will all get underway as soon as possible.
Translated by Christine Shirota

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