Jul 30, 2011

The Problems That Come Up Everyday

Now about this hospital that we’ve been transferred to, it’s concerning me that there have been a few troubles.

The system of the hospital, everything is different and besides not getting used to the place or the people, the difference in the medical equipment they use and the different protocols they have is confusing and is causing me to feel quite upsetting.

Today we already had trouble.

For the past two days, also because it was Hajime’s wish, we didn’t stay at the hospital and went home.
(It’s been two months since we went home together.) It’s a problem that happened the following morning…

Hajime is practicing to take off the ventilator, and he only does this when somebody was around.
However, this morning it was different.

They took the ventilator off for two hours without anybody around.
This should never happen.
It’s too late when something happens.

What’s even more upsetting is that during these two hours, they bathed him.
At the condition that Hajime is in, he should never be bathed without the ventilator on him.
Hajime was terrified.

And there’s more, the part of the body that needs the most care,
his neck and left arm were rough handled and it hurt him pretty badly.

He was crying when he told us about this.
Because Hajime hates this place so much, being biased made him feel even more depressed.

My husband’s emotionally exhausted from all these problems that have been happening daily.

Tonight, I’m spending the night, so I hope that we could avoid the troubles that may happen tomorrow.

Hajime was crying a lot today too.
He was expressing his anger toward this disease that he has.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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