Jul 4, 2011

Hajime walked 1.5m

Today is the Independence day. The City we live in also had a parade.
Hajime and us watched the parade last year though... I wish we will be
able to see the parade together next year...

The medicine prescribed to Hajime seemed effective a lot. He was much
better from the infection and no fever. So he could spend better day.

Hajime was doing great again while he had the physical therapy
session. Although with assistance, he got up from the bed, walked a
few steps and sat on a chair. His step was very firm.

What made us surprise was him tried not to lean on to the back of the
chair, and bent forward, even he tried several times! Hajime appealed
us that he wanted to walk. And he tried to stand by his own feet. His
hard exercises made this great fruit.

In the end he stood supported by his father. With support, he walked
around 1.5m. It was stunning!

We felt his enthusiasm of Hajime that he wanted to help himself even
little by little, one day and another. Hajime was fighting against his
disease, he's not been defeated. I truly felt it. Again, Hajime
encouraged us. Hajime is really great!

I was really touched by him standing against the disease with the
cheerful smiles. Hajime is not alone. He can stand up because many
people loving him supports him.

After the physical therapy, he was a little bit tired, but still, his
smile was there.

At night, as usual, we saw fireworks. Hajime could not see them in
real, but his father took photos to show him.

From our balcony, we could see the beautiful fireworks.

We sat together watching them last year... Hoping next year, we will
see them together.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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