Jul 11, 2011

With His Own Strength

I was nervous from morning today.
I’m so worried about departing in my heart.
I’m not going to cry until after I part with Hajime!
Hajime had many tests done, it seems like he has an infection.
They found the infection though he has antibiotics through an IV.
This means that he has to switch to stronger antibiotics.
They are still going through some test so no clear answer was given,
but when he has this type of infection, he needs the IV for 10days.
Trach care is really difficult.
I was exchanging the gauze at the trach today and the color was yellowish green.
When it’s infected, it turns into this color. There were no smell, but I am worried if it’s infected.
Still, he had a pretty good day.
During physical therapy there was another surprising happening.
He stood with his own strength from a sitting position. Wo~w!
And he walked over and over again.
And perhaps because they had therapy with an arm sling on,
 he didn’t feel as much pain in his shoulder.
Good job for today too!
Hajime’s crying again right now.
Please forgive your mother.
So from tomorrow I’ll update my blog from Japan.
I will try to update daily but I’ll apologize beforehand if I can’t.
I’m planning to write whatever my husband tells me.
I’ll be going now!
Translated by Christine Shirota

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