Dec 6, 2011

Church visit

Yesterday, our whole family went to the church for the first time in six months. We wanted to see all of the people who help our family and pray for Hajime.

This time we tried to use a lift to sit Hajime on a wheelchair from a bed. This was much easier for him than last time we took him to his high school.
However, a head supporting gear (headmaster) hurt his neck so he was having a hard time during the service.

The bus picks up us at 10am and we left the church around noon. It was quite a long trip for Hajime but he did a great job.
So many people stop by to say hi. I was so thankful and felt deeply that our church member loved Hajime and our family.

It was a quite hard morning for Hajime so after he came back to home, he was sleeping pretty well.

But not again, on that afternoon, our house had a power outage all the sudden.
This time it was just me, so I was slightly panicked.

Last time when we had a power outage, my husbands setup everything for the machines and I was supporting Hajime so I was not aware how to setup the machines during the power outage. It turned out that this was a good opportunity to learn about those setup.

My husband instructed me how to do through the phone so I was able to setup the ventilator battery and switch to the O2 tank.

And of course, today we had a power outage again when I was alone.
But yesterday incident help me that I could prepare everything pretty quickly all by myself even my husband could not pick up my phone.

But actually, I was very scared.

Today, Hajime’s grandparents took off to Japan. They come to see Hajime all the way from Japan. I was very pleased to see them. Hajime missed them very much.
I’m already looking forward to see them again.

So from now on, we are back to family of five.
God, thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful week.

Translated by HM

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  1. I am glad your family was able to go to church. That is awesome, and I'm sure very uplifting:) Tell Hajime "hey" for me!