Dec 26, 2011


Today is Christmas. We were worrying that Hajime did not looks he wanted to have Christmas. But it turned out that we were wrong and he was actually looking forward pretty much.

Last night, Dad was on duty to take care Hajime. Hajime first wake at 4am and say to Dad,

“Merry Christmas”through tobii.

Around 6 am, Hajime call Dad again and wrote “Tree” on tobii.

He asked to take a look for his presents at the Christmas tree.
He was waiting for dawn to breaks.
Dad opened the presents and read cards for him. Hajime literally did two thumbs-up with his feet.

Hajime got a many Xbox points, DVDs and T-shirts.
Yuki gave a scarf for Hajime. She made it at holiday workshop at her school.

Our kids open their present around Hajime and all had a wonderful moment.

We were so happy Hajime had a great Christmas.

Translated by HM

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