Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Carol 2

Hajime is doing pretty well for past few days.
However, it gets me worry that his leg muscles become even weaker.
He can’t play game with his knee up anymore.
He is now playing a game with his left legs lying down.
He probably notices that he can’t use his legs sometime soon. That makes him difficult and mixed feeling.
I’m hoping that he could use his legs as long as possible.

Tonight, many people from church youth group and their friends come to sing Christmas Carol in front of Hajime’s room.

I was very touched seeing so many people were singing for Hajime.
Thank you so much everyone!
Although, Hajime was a bit depressed. He would rather sing with them than listening. He was actually crying,,,
All I could say to him was “Let’s hope for a day sing together with them.”
Because Hajime was a person that loved singing more than anything, it makes him a bit difficult feeling.

Letter that night after Hajime slept, Yuki was sitting next to him in a dark. I asked her “What are you doing?” and she told me that “I felt Hajime is alone so I’m staying with him” and starting to cry.
“I used to play with Hajime together but now, he can’t run or walk,,” and cry even more.

I was thinking (hoping) that our kids are doing ok but this reminds me that they are also hurt deeply. They always cherish all the good memories about Hajime.

After that, Yuki left a letter to Hajime.

“ Dear Hajime.
It’s me your sister. I wanted to say. I’m sad that you can’t play with me and run & speak. I hope you can sleep with me.
Well, good – bye.

Love, Yuki (feel better Hajime) “

Translated by HM

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  1. That is very special ya'll have had people to come by and sing for Hajime! It was extra sweet that his sister wrote him a note:) Tell Hajime "hi" for me, and I hope he has a blessed and wonderful Christmas:)