Dec 4, 2011

Finaly it is getting better

It’s been a while since the last blog.
His fever has come down and the pain is easing.
However, he has a back pain now.

On a good note, his grandfather and grandmother came from Japan.
I am so glad that they could come.
We will miss them a lot after they leave next Monday.
Thank you so much for coming!

We got antibiotics from our doctor as Hajime had a fever and his secretion was yellow.

I am concerned about his bed sores on his left elbow as well.

The nurse said apply some lotion and see what happens. We need to keep an aye on it.

Anyway, we had a blackout caused by a strong wind on Wednesday night at 12:30 am.
It is a serious matter for us!
We checked Hajimes's respirator right away then switched to an oxygen tank and ran the respirator on an extra battery.

It was such a late night, I was hesitant to call Alice.
Even though it was late at night, Alice brought in gasoline and oil for a generator that was given to us a little while ago, since we did not have any.
In the morning, Jim bought more gasoline so that we could operate the respirator after the battery ran out.

It was after noon when we had power back on. It was such long hours and unexpected that we were desperate, but we learned a lot.

There are still some areas without power, we hope it will be back to normal soon.

(Translated by Yoko B.)

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