Dec 8, 2011

Doctor visit

Today we had a doctor visit for Hajime.
We discussed about an issue of his secretion.

Doctor concerned Hajime’s secretion color and odor so he decided to give a new antibiotics, which inhale through the nebulizer.

We also decide to take a sample of sputum culture so that we know which kind of bacteria is colonized. This sample will help in case Hajime got pneumonia.

For the oral secretions, we decide to try another Botox. We have to find transportation because we need to take Hajime to the neurology department at the Sunset for this treatment.

Hajime actually do not wanted to have Botox but since it seems to be working, we decide to try this third shot again.

If Botox did not work for this time, backup plan is to do a radiation treatment. However there is a rumor that patient who has a trach may not allow to do this treatment so our doctor need to do more research on it.

In case if we could not do the suction through the trach, we have advised to tray tapping on his chest or make a vibration when he exhale his breath.
Doctor was suggesting that we should do this treatment twice a day after a breathing treatment for 5 minutes.

It was kind of lengthy discussion but it was good since we could talk about a care and feature plan deeply.

Translated by HM

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