Dec 10, 2011

Scary moment

He was so tired.

Hajime could not sleep last night and also he had a lot of secretion during the daytime so I need to do the suction many time. Even thought, I could not able to suction his secretion well,,, His day was not well.

At the night, Mark brought a Batman DVD to watch with Hajime but he looks tired.

And the late night, we got a big big incident that makes me very scared.

Around 2:30 AM when I notify by beep, his lung was working at minimum.
On the ventilator, there is an indicator call tidal volume that should be around 500ml but at that time he only had for 16 ml. That means he was barely breathing.
His body and face was so cold. I ran to wake up my husband.
While we were checking his ventilator carefully, Hajime wake up and demand for the suction.
After the suction, every value got nominal and he start to breathe normal.
If we could not do the suction on time,,,, it was really scary moment.

After that, I did not sleep at all and checking how Hajime is doing. So far, he is doing ok.

God saved his life. I was so relieved.

(Translated by HM)

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  1. God is good! I know you are thankful and also appreciative the equipment alarmed you! Tell him to give you a big smile today:)