Dec 7, 2011

Normal shampoo

Today, Tammy comes for Hajime’s care. Tammy was sick for a while and could not come but finally she gets better and shows up today.

Recently he always fall in to sleep right after his medications at 10am and keep sleeping till noon. Because of that, we decided to change Tammy’s schedule to come at 1pm after Hajime woke up.

This morning my friend Noriko-san also comes to see me and let me have some break. I felt indeed friends are important.

Tammy brought a nice item to wash Hajime’s hair so we tried it out.

Hajime seem to feels good and his hair also cleaned well. I’m hoping that his head itches also get better.

Because we can’t change his trach or maybe another infection, his secretion color is not so good. He also having a trouble gets rid of his saliva on his tongue. I’m very worrying about his secretion.
All in all, Hajime himself is doing pretty well.

(Translated by HM)

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